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Hi my name is Danielle, and with the help of my grandma (Beverly) of Yanni Fans Canada, we have decided to create a site for Yanni kids fans. 

This will give kids 19 and under a chance to express their experiences and love for Yanni and his music. 

I am a member of Yanni Fans Canada, and there is a kids page on that site, that we loved so much.  We felt that this page had to be specialized.  Beverly (my grandma) spoke to me and my brother Tyler, about creating a site just for kids and we  thought that would be a great idea.

We are excited to hear and see what other kids will bring to this site.



 Yanni's quotes

"I believe that having an open mind is one of the most important qualities we can possess. Once our minds close, we stop evolving."

As I understand life at different levels, I can use music to express what these levels feel like to me. Hopefully the listener can be transported to this understanding by listening to the music.

"There are as many ways to live life as there are people on the planet."

"I know when an album of mine is going to be useful in people's lives because I know what the emotional content is."

Yanni - Truth of Touch - Nine - Full Track HD.mp3