We would like to thank our grandma (Beverly) for bringing YANNI INTO OUR LIVES


 Hi, I am Danielle, and I have been a Yanni fan since I was 7.  I would visit my grandma, and she would be listening to Yanni's music, and I loved it.  I would pretend to play the piano along with the music.

I love music, and through my life I have done dancing for many years.  I also have done cheer-leading for 6yrs. in both Jr. high school and High school.  I graduated 2 years ago and got my drivers licience on my first try.  I have also worked while going to school.

I am going to College.  I will be very busy, which I like.

I have just been selected to be a part of a dance team, called Octane,for the Edmonton Oiler's Hockey Team. It has been so exciting dancing for a professional hockey club.

I will still make time for Yanni Kids.



 Hi, I am Tyler, and I became a Yanni fan at the age of 11.  My grandma, (Beverly) has played the drums since she was 15, and for the last 2 years, she has been teaching me.  We watched the concert Acropolis and I was amazed at how great Yanni's drummer Charlie Adams played.  Marching Season, became my favorite song.

I started football this summer, which is new to me, because for 4yrs. I have been playing soccer.  I love sports and working out every day at the gym, with my sister Danielle.

I just turned 15 on August 20, and looking forward to going back to school.  I love sports. 

I will also continue to take drum lessons from my grandma.  I'm 5'10 and she is 4'6, I love watching her play, you can barely see her behind all those drums and cymbals.  She is a good teacher, but see said that I should take lessons at a school as well.

I am looking forward to working with Yanni kids fans and excited to see what all the other kids fans have to offer.


2-02. Yanni - Marching season.mp3