Yanni members from the Hill family

Cody 19, Tyler 15, Jade 17, Rayden 16 Raylene 18, Jordon 10, Bree 15 and the youngest Yanni fan Ryder 4 months.


These items where  made by members of   Yanni Kids Fans.  If any one would like to purchase any of these items, please contact us. Other Items will be available.  The proceeds will co to charity.  (Kids foundations).

Hi This is Kadie

I made this collage for Yanni.

Hi  I  am  Jordon,

I am making something special for Yanni.   When I see him
On August 7, 2012 saw Yanni in conncert hear in Edmonton. I made Yanni a crocheted scarf with pockets and I found a panda to put in the pocket that looked like Santorini, Yanni's adopted baby giant panda.

 Bree's Poems and Jokes

 Orange, purple , yellow and blue

Orange, purple, yellow and blue , spring air becomes a new.

Beautiful nature starts to bloom .  Sorry frost no more room .   Days get longer as we get stronger , and spring excludes the winter rain .

War resides to Peace

War resides to peace . Quiet is all we need . Hand in hand with no doubts in mind . Delusions linger in the air . The love we desire , we share . Naive minds young at heart .  And as we cherish our memories and new beginning start .

Jokes :

Why did the chicken cross the road ?

To meet up with his friends at KFC.

The Kids corner:

Is a place for  the kids to create and show their talent. eg:

Poems, art , video's and anything else they may choose.  Make Collages of the favorite Yanni Pictures.

Yanni Experiences

We want to hear about any experiences that you would like to share  share with us.

 PLEASE SEND ANY ADMISSIONS TO:   yannikidsfans@hotmail.com

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