Hi ! I'm Bree .

About me:

Hello I'm Bree .

 I am 16 years old . My grandma Beverly, introduced me to Yanni when I was 13 . I became very interested in Yanni's music . It spoke to me , and it said , peace , and it just wasn't that . It put words into my mouth . Its very calming and it can be adventerous . I very much like it . My favorite song is the keeper . 

I'm in first year of high school . I'm taking a guitar class , and also Drama . my next two years of high school im going to take dance classes and drama . I like dancing , some of my lunch hours i spend dancing in the fitness room , which half of it is also a dance area . My future dream is to become a pilot . Its my life long dream . I only flew once . And i never wanted to come down . I was up there for ten minutes only . But it was memorizing .

I am in the Air cadets . Second year . I am very shy .But as soon as you get to know me i'm very out going . And you find that i am weird . A good weird .



Age 16

Favorite Yanni Song: The Keeper 


AGE 12



Age 14

Favorite Yanni Song: Niki Nana

Hi my name is Kadie

About me

 I love Yanni and i like  his Yanni  songs.

I find that Yanni's music is peaceful and relaxing.

Me and my sister Bree is a member of Yanni Fans Canada.

My Hobbies are singing and dancing. I like to dance to Yanni's music.

My Grandma Bev and My Mom Karen is Founders of Yanni Fans Canada.

Please come to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Thank you From Kadie



Age 19

Favorite Yanni Song: Play Time

Hi My Name is Micheal.

I am a special needs person. My special need is Global Development.

That means that I didn't get enough oxygen to my brain.

When My mom was pregnant with me.

I like to dance and listen to music.

My favorite Artist is Elvis Presley.

I like to watch TV and going for walks my mom and my sister Kadie.

My mom Karen and my Grandma Bev is the Founders of YANNI FANS CANADA.

One day my mom played Niki NANA.

I dance to it. she then played some soft Yanni music on.

I sat on my bed and just listen to the music.

When I get upset  my mom puts on Yanni 's Music to relax me.



Age 12

Favorite Yanni Song: Storm

Hi My Friend Kadie  introduce me to Yanni.

We both like to Dance and Sing . There are  some Yanni song  are fun to dance to like NIki NaNa  that is one of the many songs we can dance to.

listen to and there are some songs very relaxing . some  songs can be very emotional.

I am  so glad to be a member of Yanni fans Canada

Please come to Edmonton Alberta Canada


11-Niki Nana (We're One).mp3